[Marxism] Fwd: If President Hillary Is Inevitable, Why Are Her Media Goons Still Attacking Jill Stein?

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though a think a good bourbon or Irish or Scotch would be better than a


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> Attack editorials and smear pieces about Stein have been churned out by
> Clinton-allied media like cheap t-shirts at a Bangladeshi sweat shop since
> well before the Green Party convention, but lately, the frenzied attacks
> are getting even louder and more desperate. Last week John Oliver, whose
> employer HBO is owned by heavyweight Clinton contributor Time Warner,
> dedicated an entire rant to punching down on third parties and their
> supporters. Yesterday the Daily Beast, whose owner IAC is co-directed by
> Chelsea Clinton herself, ran a hit piece on the good doctor hilariously
> accusing her of having a “conflict of interest” because she has a standard
> investment portfolio.
> I’m just going to type that out again because it makes my smug parts light
> up with glee: a publication, controlled by Hillary Clinton’s daughter, ran
> a hit piece on Jill Stein, for having a conflict of interest.
> My God that’s good. I need a cigarette.
> full: http://www.inquisitr.com/3653684/if-president-hillary-is-
> inevitable-why-are-her-media-goons-still-attacking-jill-stein/
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