[Marxism] Donations to Foundation Vexed Hillary Clinton’s Aides, Emails Show

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 09:03:40 MDT 2016

This is an interesting piece.  It doesn't document anything illegal, of
course.  I don't think emails can actually do that.  I mean, at most they
could only say something was going on and the saying wouldn't really prove
it.  And who would even say their employers are doing something illegal in
an internal email?

The real significance of this is, so far, is that it provides a real window
into to the "serious" administrative practices likely to characterize
another Clinton administration.

And the alternative is to have Trump run the presidency the same way he ran
his companies.

It continues to recall Jack London's old critique of capitalism in _The
Iron Heel_.  The capitalists have essentially mismanaged everything, even
those things that are closes to them and more manageable.


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