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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 31 05:51:59 MDT 2016

At its most extreme, this tendency is manifested in the behaviour of the 
weird cultish people who closed down our event at the London anarchist 
bookfair. If one tried to shout over them they joined in chanting ‘PYD’ 
(and ‘PKK’). When someone in the audience, a Lebanese of Catholic 
family, spoke back to them, they screamed about him being ‘a Sunni Arab’ 
– as if this was some awful taint. I left pretty soon. Leila chose to 
stay, thinking she might find a chance to speak (she didn’t). Once when 
she did open her mouth, one of the cult screamed at her: “Shut up! This 
is anarchism! Anyone can speak!” No irony.

But these people, fairly obviously I think, weren’t practising 
anarchism. Most of the anarchists I’ve criticised above would agree with 
me here. It was anarchism only in the popular misapprehension of the 
word, as ‘disorder’. It wasn’t the PYD either. The PYD is more 
sophisticated, and wouldn’t want to be represented thus. These people 
weren’t even Stalinists. It wasn’t politics of any kind, but something else.

So people mustn’t blame anarchism for them. And even if the whole 
Western anarchist tradition, from the intellectuals to the ‘lifestyle’ 
punksters, does nothing for you at all, still don’t blame anarchism. 
Because as far as I can see, where anarchism actually exists (rather 
than being talked about) is usually among people who wouldn’t think for 
a moment to call themselves anarchists. Even among people who might 
describe themselves as Muslims.

full: https://qunfuz.com/2016/10/31/anarchism/

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