[Marxism] excellent statement on Syria

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 21:00:05 MDT 2016

from a Facebook friend -
Some basic statements from me about the tragedy and horror unfolding in
1. Ideological purity is out of place when discussing this.
2. The primary imperialist actor on the scene at present is Russia.
3. The Assad regime is not pro-Palestinian or even Arab nationalist. They
are human rights abusers of the first order.
4. Anyone who is not living/has not lived under the terror of the Syrian
state should not tell those who have how wrong/stupid/coopted they are for
resisting a murderous regime."He who counts the blows of the tyrant's stick
is not the same as he who eats them."
5. It's a failure of vision to assert that there are only 2 choices: the
regime or ISIS.
6. Syrians have agency. If you deny that, you are part of this problem.
7. Being against the regime does not mean one is ipso facto an American
8. There is more under heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your
(outdated, narrow political) philosophies.
9. Children's deaths should upset you much more than political point
scoring. If they don't, your soul is in peril.
10. The left has embarrassed and nauseated me once again.
11. I remain a leftist, in search of a new discourse.
Thank you for your time and attention

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