[Marxism] Fwd: Physics confronts its heart of darkness: Cracks showing in dominant explanation for dark matter - Salon.com

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 1 06:14:30 MDT 2016

Physics has missed a long-scheduled appointment with its future — again. 
The latest, most sensitive searches for the particles thought to make up 
dark matter — the invisible stuff that may comprise 85 percent of the 
mass in the cosmos — have found nothing. Called WIMPs (weakly 
interacting massive particles), these subatomic shrinking violets may 
simply be better at hiding than physicists thought when they first 
predicted them more than 30 years ago. Alternatively, they may not 
exist, which would mean that something is woefully amiss in the 
underpinnings of how we try to make sense of the universe. Many 
scientists still hold out hope that upgraded versions of the experiments 
looking for WIMPs will find them but others are taking a second look at 
conceptions of dark matter long deemed unlikely.


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