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>Clinton is both a neoliberal (more inequality) and a neocon (more war);
>> Trump isn’t:
>> Trump is a fascist and a white supremacists. He just finished the most
>racist speech I've ever heard from a major candidate, His campaign manager
>is tied to what has been called an evangelistic coup in the military and
>breaks bread with elements that think pogroms will be necessary to create
>the [white] America they want, and you want to argue Clinton is worst?
>You want to try putting that in terms that will win colored people to your
>position or don't you care?
>Jill Stein got ZERO bounce from her CNN appearance. How come? She appeals
>to no one outside of a self-isolated Left.
>Here's the latest Fox News Poll 2-way Clinton beats Trump by 6% down from
>10% earlier. 4-way Trump 39% Clinton 41% Johnson 12% Stein 4%
>Clearly she is within closing distance, not of winning - her scheme to turn
>out 43 million new college votes before 11/8 is truly delusional, but of
>negating enough progressive votes, to hand the white house to the white
>nationalists that she is so fucking quiet about.
>Yes , emotions are involved. I just watched a hate filled speech from Trump
>and then a fb post of Jill Stein's LA talk [had to work - boss would let me
>off] SHE SAY NOTHING ABOUT TRUMP'S RACISM. Her fire is directed at Clinton.
>So excuse me if I don't suddenly get stupid and forget why I've been saying
>that "Leftists" who only criticize Assad's opposition while being silent on
>his crimes are objectively pro-Assad, and apply the same logic come away
>from Stein's talk concluding that she is objectively pro-Trump.
>Because - NEWS FLASH (break it to her gently) Jill Stein has NO CHANCE of
>being our next president. Trump or Clinton will be.
>Why would you expect or want working people to follow someone so
>delusional? [no wonder she got no CNN bounce]
>Basically, It doesn't seem like you don't feel the same hate coming from
>the Trump campaign that I do.  You say Trump is not a neoliberal or a
>neocon, but what is he. Why exactly do you not feel as threatened by him as
>most black, Muslim and Latin people do?
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