[Marxism] Ben Gurion’s Plan for Regional Conquest and Israeli Empire

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 09:53:09 MDT 2016

Ben Gurion’s Plan for Regional Conquest and Israeli Empire

The irony here is that it is Israeli advocates who continually claim that
conspiring Palestinian militants only accept Israel on an interim basis
until they are powerful enough to eradicate it.  Therefore, Israel may
never trust such enemies and never make peace with them; because a knife in
the back is the only future Israel can expect from them.  We can see that
it is Israel that the Arab states had reason to distrust.

Another bitter irony is the claim by Israel and anti-Iran forces in the
U.S. and elsewhere, that Iran has a nefarious plan to spread Shia hegemony
throughout the Middle East to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf region.
In truth, Ben Gurion shows that Iran is a piker by comparison.  He
envisioned a Greater Israel not just from the river (Jordan) to the sea
(Mediterranean), but a Davidic imperium spreading its influence from Syria
to Egypt.  Even those Arab states Israel permitted to remain would be
little more than vassals of this new regional Goliath.


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