[Marxism] on Clinton and Kissinger

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 18:49:08 MDT 2016

Take a look at this sentence.

*Hillary Clinton courts **Henry Kissinger's endorsement even after meeting
his victims.*

What is wrong with it?  The answer is in the word "even".  This is the
wrong word in that it creates false meanings. It disguises Clinton's
motivations and leads one to miss the truth of her. To understand Hilary
Clinton one needs to rewrite the sentence as

*Hilary Clinton courts Henry Kissinger's endorsement especially after
meeting his victims.*

The second sentence lays bare the causality of the meeting.  Clinton seeks
out Kissinger precisely *because* of his record of using power as
exploitation, oppression and domination.  Seeing the victims motivates
Clinton to go and kneel at the altar of power as imperialism and to worship
at the feet  of one of its high priests. Kissinger, himself, has long
worshiped at the 'slaughter bench of history' as Hegel called it.  And our
Hilary is an  acolyte ever eager to learn from the master.

To talk of "even" suggests a mystery, a puzzle.  How could she want to see
Kissinger? But there there is no mystery in her seeking out Kissinger.  There
is no mystery, only a scandal.

For Hilary the victims are like sign posts showing her where to go and what
to do.



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