[Marxism] Fwd: Statement from Multiple Organizations on Christopher Bollyn Event at the Brooklyn Commons | The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 20:10:45 MDT 2016

It's kind of sad that they are expected to clear their names like
this. Obviously it is not worth their time to have to deal with mud slung
at them for hosting their orgs in the same physical location that this loon
is speaking in, given that they don't share his worldview. So
disassociation is perfectly appropriate.

But the people making an issue out of Bollyn are worse. As I pointed out on
another forum, the guy who wrote the article sounding the alarm about
Bollyn (Daniel Sieradski / "Jewschool") holds genocidal views about
Palestinians, arguing that their return to present-day Israel would be
"demographic suicide" (compare white supremacists who believe non-whites in
America are a source of "white genocide").

He has doubled down on those views in recent times, chastising the BDS
Movement for rejecting Israel in an op-ed in the NYT, citing his close
familial ties with the Jewish settler population (the ones at risk of
commiting "demographic suicide," I suppose). He was also one of the trolls
attempting to rationalize the cancellation of the Nakba Tour at Stanford.

His article itself repeats the smears of the Left as a bastion of
anti-Semitism, a canard that traces back decades, and attempts to portray
Jews in America and Israel as simply another minority group, with no actual
engagement of Jewish history and the dramatic rise of Jewish people in the
70s in the US (to say nothing of their colonial conquest in Palestine).
Seeing Jews as perpetual victims, he has whitewashed all but the most
violent abuses Israel has carried out. Compare white liberals who defended
segregation but were appauled by the fire hoses and dogs.

Had he not sounded the alarm, it would just be another irrelevant crank
showing up at a small venue, a staple of the Left. Now everyone else who
works there has to go out of their way to remind the public that they are
not, in fact, Nazis or 9/11 conspiracists.

Also note that Jewschool's primary objection to Bollyn was that his
allegations about 9/11 were directed at "Zionists" and "neocons". Perhaps
if Bollyn had blamed the Easter Bunny or the Illuminati, Jewschool would
feel more at ease?

A very silly affair.

- Amith

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