[Marxism] Fwd: Statement from Multiple Organizations on Christopher Bollyn Event at the Brooklyn Commons | The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 00:44:36 MDT 2016

The general gist of Sieradski /Jewschool's racism is summed up in this
admittedly dated article:


He is very active as a blogger and internet troll, and the views he has
expressed through those means (which I do not care to promote) make it
clear his worldview has not changed significantly since the article above
was written. His statements about "left anti-Semitism" are included in the
previous article which Louis sent to the list.

The point about Jewschool's issues with Bollyn are that the former takes
issue with what you are calling the "figleaf" of anti-Zionism, rather than
any of the content that appears genuinely aimed at promoting anti-Jewish
prejudice. The advertised talk appears to be a standard "9/11 was an inside
job" conspiracy lecture aimed at blaming Israel and America. I don't dabble
in those theories but I think it is fairly obvious what kinds of suspicions
and distrust lead others to do so, and I don't think it is anti-Americanism
or anti-Semitism. So what's wrong with the staffer asking for specifics?

As for "the struggle against anti-Semitism," the simple fact is that the
kind of Jew-baiting lunacy that Bollyn and others like him traffick on the
internet  has long since been replaced in Western parlance with
Muslim-baiting. That kind of rhetoric about Jewish takeovers and the like
is the subject of ridicule and stigma in virtually every part of Western
politics -- while "creeping Sharia Law" conspiracism continues to dominate
one major American political party. So even given that Bollyn is little
more than a crypto-anti-Semite, I fail to see the significance of his
insignificance. He is an irrelevant crank and the people / person who
called attention to him hold repulsive views that reflect the dominant
prejudices in America.

This seems to be a trend; either genuinely anti-Semitic morsels that appear
in lefty spaces are picked out and given immense significance by the people
railing about Left Anti-Semitism; or they simply fabricate accusations of
anti-Semitism altogether. Sounds awfully silly to me.

- Amith

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