[Marxism] Agricultural expropriation: Making money from farmers

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Tue Sep 6 01:42:21 MDT 2016

Alan Broughton's new essay looks at the impact of trade liberalisation and
other neo-liberal policies on farm income and food security.It is an
excellent over view of the current challenges bearing down on the working

> "There is money to be made in farming, but not by the farmers. This paper
> examines the reasons why farmers around the world are poor and there are a
> billion hungry people. The terms of trade for farmers continually declines
> and farmers are forced off the land. Governments and international bodies
> advocate further deregulation and trade liberalisation and greater use of
> technology, yet these policies have undoubtedly failed in their stated aims
> of increasing food security and rural prosperity. The beneficiaries have
> only been the agribusiness corporations which have been instrumental in the
> design of the new order of agricultural production. "

Agricultural expropriation: Making money from farmers

dave riley

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