[Marxism] FYI - I suspect a lot of other Syrians feel the same way

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The question here is not do you struggle with a Syrian revolutionary like
Robin around him using the word "bitch" ? [Remembering English is not his
1st language], of course you do.

Or do you cut him off forever because he used that word TWICE! and bring it
up even after he has corrected himself and while using a very offensive
term, because he doesn't like her, has dropped the sexism term?

That was what Louis did and apparently expects from others. [why would I
forward anything from Robin to this list after he had called Stein a bitch
on his timeline!]

I should also point out that charges of sexism are claims that are often
falsely used by racists to attack non-white men so white Marxists need to
be aware of that and not make such changes lightly. Many Syrian refuges in
Germany and elsewhere have been tarred with changes of sexism. Also there
has been a longer history of this sort of thing with black men.

Louis taps into that often unconscious prejudice by accusing me of sexism
because I defended sending to this list a tweet written by someone who
twice used the word bitch elsewhere. I know he wants to take me down
because of my opposition to Stein, but this is not the right way to do it.
Same should be said about his attack on Robin.


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>> How about the N word, homophobic words, anti-Muslim words? Are those OK in
>> the attempt to "connect" to the (backward sections) of the working class
>> and minority communities?? Sadly, his defending the most common
>> misogynistic term has caused me to lose respect for Clay.
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>> On this issue, I remember during the British Miners' Strike in 1984 on
> the firs tbig national demo there were 2 slogans raised by some miners on
> the first big national demo. One of the was "Ditch the bitch!", referring
> to Margaret Thatcher, and the other was "Get your tits out for the boys!"
> (the weather was very hot and many women were wearing summer tops). Women
> supporters of the miners didn't accept either slogan and there were many
> arguments on the demonstration that day where supporters of the strike
> (also many left-wing men) argued with these strikers about the use of
> demeaning language against women. These slogans were never used again on
> any of the later local and national demos.
> Admittedly there were some (nearly all men) who argued that the first
> slogan was an expression of class hatred and the second was just a bit of
> playful banter, but it was perfectly correct for the comrades to challenge
> the sexism they expressed.
> One other related issue - for years there'd been a campaign by socialists
> and feminists about the fact that every month in The Miner, the union
> paper, there was a topless picture of a miner's wife or girl friend. The
> editor argued that the women themsleves were queueing up to have they're
> pictures published. During the strike these pictures were dropped and never
> appeared in the paper again.
> Accepting sexism in the working class in any form is just as divisive as
> accepting racism in any form and it's prefectly correct for socialists to
> take issue with both these expressions of backward ideas.
> Einde O'Callaghan
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