[Marxism] seeking Henry Kissinger's endorsement

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Black Agenda Report is pro-Trump, which is extremely rare among black
organizations. In fact, its the only one I know of.


Of course, they are also pro-Putin, pro-Gaddafi and pro-Assad, so go figure.

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> For a different opinion, see:
> http://blackagendareport.com/black_millennials_reject_duopoly
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> >This is what I'm seriously trying to understand. Just as an example A.R.F.
> >you give this summation:
> >
> > the Republicans are in a similar place as us, but for
> >> different reasons: they, too, do not see "their" candidate on the
> ballot. I
> >> think it was obvious that most of the traditional Republican Party types
> >> were backing Rubio and Cruz. Now they're being expected to endorse the
> guy
> >> who insulted them and their families, who accused the last GOP
> President of
> >> failing to stop 9/11 (while hanging out with people who think he was in
> on
> >> it), who mocked one of the last GOP nominees for being captured and
> >> tortured by communist guerrillas in Vietnam, and who spent much of his
> time
> >> in the orbit of the Clintons. On the other hand, they have Clinton, who
> >> they and their party machine have spent decades painting as a Communist
> (if
> >> only!).
> >>
> >> So I would not put too much stock into who the Republicans end up
> >> endorsing, whether Clinton, Trump, Johnson or nobody. They are in panic
> >> mode as their party collapses.
> >
> >
> >And the national question doesn't enter the discussion at all. Its like
> the
> >above is just about how white people see the election. Differences around
> >McCain get mentioned, differences around the national question ignored. I
> >mean why is the GOP collapsing? Doesn't the national question loom large
> on
> >that question? How about the Brexit vote? the AfD victory? I see a growing
> >white nationalist influence in all of this, but generally speaking, people
> >on this list don't.   People of color don't spend 2 paragraphs on this
> >election without touch on the questions of white nationalist, Trump's
> >hateful message and dangerous threats. I'm trying to understand why it is
> >so different here. I know you are all tired of hearing from me about it
> but
> >I'm just trying to understand the disconnect.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >Clay
> >

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