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Thu Sep 8 08:07:10 MDT 2016

 From Melissa Ennen, the woman who owns the Brooklyn Commons:

On July 14, I received an email from a man named Irving Lee asking to 
rent the Commons in September for a talk by Christopher Bollyn. Bollyn 
was described in the email as a 9/11 researcher who had been on a 
Pacifica/WBAI program called Guns & Butter hosted by Bonnie Faulkner. 
Irving Lee, the man who booked and paid for the rental, identified 
himself as follows: “We are not part of any organization. We're just a 
group who want to bring Bollyn, a cutting edge speaker to NYC for the 
15th anniversary of 9/11.”

I did not research the speaker before accepting the rental. I do not 
have the time, resources or inclination to censor the hundreds of groups 
who rent the space. Since launching in 2010, the list of renters has 
included local Tea Partiers, conservative promoters of charter schools, 
explicitly anti-union corporations, elected officials who voted for the 
Patriot Act and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although progressive 
organizations dominate the calendar because I subsidize many of them 
with free or very low-cost use of the space, the Commons is available 
for rental by other groups.


September 6, 2006


9/11 Truth Breakthrough Weekend in New York City

Friday Sept. 8th through Monday Sept. 11th

Truth activists from around the country will
converge in New York City to call attention to
government deception at the 5th anniversary of
the attacks for 4 days of truth after 5 years of deception.

See full schedule and details at:

Les Jamieson, 718-492-2192 or 917-658-0132
MELISSA ENNEN, 718-488-0802 or 917-216-8754


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