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Hi Lou

do you recall De Long on the old Spoons list?  He and I clashed once or
twice. Now he's the great white hope of Western Civilization while I still
dream of the workers' paradise to come



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> DeLong echoes Keynes in 1931 by concluding that “short of a nightmare
> scenario like terror-driven nuclear war, you can expect my successors in
> 2075 to look back and relish that, once again, their world is three times
> better off than ours is today.”
> This pro-capitalist optimism was also recently promoted by Nobel prize
> winner Angus Deaton.   Deaton is an expert on world poverty, the
> consumption patterns of households and how to measure them.  He emphasises
> that life expectancy globally has risen 50% since 1900 and is still rising.
> The share of people living on less than $1 a day (in inflation-adjusted
> terms) has dropped to 14 percent from 42 percent as recently as 1981. The
> greatest progress against cancer and heart disease has come in the last 20
> to 30 years.  “Things are getting better,” he writes, “and hugely so.”
> But Deaton makes it clear that progress in living conditions and quality
> of life is a relatively recent development. And much of this improvement in
> the quality and length of life comes from the application of science and
> knowledge through state spending on education, on sewage, clean water,
> disease prevention and protection, hospitals and better child development.
> These are things that do not come from capitalism but from the common weal.
> full: https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/2016/09/11/the-end-
> of-globalisation-and-the-future-of-capitalism/
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