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Putin as Lincoln? These people are unbelievable!

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> We should also seriously interrogate the notion of politicians and look to
> Marx himself for inspiration when dealing with Assad and Putin. He knew
> exactly what Abraham Lincoln was and was not as a white former railroad
> lawyer and son-in-law of a slave-owning family. Yet his journalism for
> Horace Greeley and letters to the president would make you think that the
> Great Emancipator was a premonition of Lenin. That is not because he was
> blind to Lincoln’s many massive flaws. Instead it was because he saw the
> Union Army as an engine of historical progress despite the flaws. Does
> Vladimir Putin have similar flaws? Yes, many, but his challenge to NATO and
> the imperial project is objectively a progressive goal and effort despite
> the flawed engine that delivers it.
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/09/12/the-israel-lobby-the-
> syrian-war-and-the-meaning-of-empire/
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