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Pulling children from rubble following airstrikes, providing
life-saving emergency treatment to civilians, getting killed in the
process (97 WH's to date killed, 4 times as many injured), useful
methods for a "regime change" operation?

Quite possibly, when you consider that the regime's entire war is
against civilians. By definition, civilians are the enemy.
Ethnic/sectarian cleansing has now become *the aim* rather than the
mere by-product  of a counterinsurgency war, as it originally was. It
is no coincidence that Iraqi Shiite families of death squad members
have been moved into Darayya after the mostly Sunni population were
recently bombed and starved out. The dispossession of 11 million
people is now turning into an actual Nakbah, with the same aims as the
original, rather than just a coincidental one.

(and I'll go out on a limb here and say that the US-Iran deal ought to
be seen in that context, though most will still be too stuck in older
'truths' to recognise this, but that's just by the way)

So yes, saving civilians, saving children, from catastrophic air
strikes, is an action that undermines the death squad currently in
control of Damascus.

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> "For more than five years, proxy armies of the USA, its NATO allies (including Canada), and various Arab monarchies (such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar) have waged an illegal war and occupation in Syria, resulting in  close to half a million deaths, turning 11 million Syrians into displaced
>  people, and laying waste Syrian infrastructure."
> This is what it means to betray a revolution. The pretend Left have become the 5th column of imperialism demonstrating their hatred of the Syrian people and working to continue the rule of brutal dictator--the very one that has "displaced people" and laid "waste Syrian infrastructure".
> It is more than shameful. Leftists have become Trumpistas/Clintonites in service to imperialism.
> I can only hope that Syrian, Palestinians, Africans, and revolutionaries with brains will not only show up for the film, but amass together and storm past these stormtroopers.
> Canadians of conscience, Stand up and #takeaseat
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