[Marxism] Fwd: Why "Lesser Evilism" Is a Loser | Solidarity

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 17 10:25:59 MDT 2016

"Lesser evil is a losing strategy. It paves the way for greater evils." (Stein)

Stein should pay attention to herself regarding the larger treachery of lesser evilism in supporting Russia and the Dictator Al Assad.

With every good point, she diminishes what it means to fight for independent political action by accepting the treachery of the Baathist-supporting pretend "Left". Stein remains the best chance to dismantle the Democratic Party and mount a veritable resistance to Democratic and Republican reaction that will surely come regardless which candidate the capitalist class chooses and the masses are forced yet again to choose between no choice and no choice at all. 

We can only hope that the Green Party will create a space--if  only in the elections--for galvanizing the mass movement that is sure to come as Black and Brown people, women, and youth--within the working class--yet again are faced with the combined assaults from all the politicians representing capitalism; including Sanders and all those that thought that supporting the Democrats was a "last stand" against reaction. Like Custer before them, such people will be left defending each other as the masses overtake them. History will not be kind and neither will the revolutionary masses. 
And, like the Sioux and  indigenous nations before us, it is not written that we will be victorious immediately. But, we can only be inspired by the first nations at Standing Rock fighting for the simple right to drink water. Native peoples have founded a unity that has inspired and caused reverberations throughout the working class (indicated by the recoil of labor misleaders who have pinned their hopes with their capitalist masters). Young Black and White athletes have found a way to express how they are affected by the police occupation of oppressed communities. Instead of 2 Black youth and one White youth on a podium at the Olympics registering resistance and solidarity, we now have hundreds at a multitude of sporting events registering the mass discontent with injustice. The storm is coming and we have to recognize it. The aftermath is not a victory inevitable, but the mounting of a struggle is.

I suggest that internationalism will be the proving ground. Being "anti-war" in this coming period will not be divorced from the revolutionary struggle against dictators, right wing religious and non-religious reactionaries, and the governments of the imperialist bourgeoisie who keep them in power (indeed if it ever was). Either Stein will learn this hard lesson or she will be swept aside by better leaders emanating from mass struggles. 

As ever, solidarity with the oppressed and remaining on the side of workers and the oppressed of all countries, will determine whether one is actually a leftist or if the term becomes arcane and undescriptive of revolutionary politics.  		 	   		  

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