[Marxism] Fwd: The uncontrolled demolition of the Truther brain | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Sep 18 14:21:25 MDT 2016

Over the past five years I have monitored various pro-Assad websites in 
order to keep track of the amen corner’s latest talking points. At 
various times I have read Global Research, World Socialist Website and 
Moon of Alabama towards that end but never simultaneously since that 
would overload my circulatory and nervous systems to dangerous levels.

About three months ago I began monitoring a new website after one of my 
FB friends, who disagrees with me on Syria but like so many people is 
quite good on other questions, posted a link to an article on something 
called Off-Guardian that is focused on exposing the Guardian newspaper. 
As you might expect, they serve up articles crossposted from RT.com and 
other media associated with the “axis of resistance”. Given the 
generally fact-free environment of Off-Guardian, I am surprised nobody 
has started something called Off-Off-Guardian.


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