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> http://washingtonbabylon.com/six-questions-for-jim-jatras-on-aleppo-boy-atrocity-porn-and-our-godawful-war-loving-media/
"Jim Jatras, a former US diplomat, foreign policy adviser to the Senate
GOP leadership, and lobbyist comments on financial and foreign policy
topics and on U.S. politics in his publication TheJIM!gram."


Imagine Jatras being quoted favorably on a Marxist site. Why not David 
Duke? More on Jatras:

'The Muslim Advance and American Collaboration' by James George Jatras, 
in The Christian Activist, "A Journal of Orthodox Opinion," 

"In short, Islam is a self-evident outgrowth not of the Old and New 
Covenants but of the darkness of heathen Araby. Beside ludicrous 
historical suggestions to the contrary (such as the idea that the Ka'bah 
was built by Abraham, which would have been big news to him), Muslim 
apologists have strained to find in the Bible evidence that a new 
prophet would arise after Jesus, seeing Muhammad in obvious prophecies 
of the Holy Spirit (that were fulfilled on Pentecost) or of the Second 
Coming of Christ. One could find no better refutation of Islam's efforts 
to appropriate Christian Scriptures (here, Matthew 24:27) than that of 
the 14th-century Byzantine saint, Gregory Palamas, to his Turkish 

"It is true that Muhammad started from the east and came to the west, as 
the sun travels from east to west. Nevertheless he came with war, 
knives, pillaging, forced enslavement, murders, and acts that are not 
from the good God but instigated by the chief manslayer, the devil."

"St. Gregory's answer is no less devastating to Islam's fraudulent 
self-depiction as a pacific creed. Islam was born in violence, from 
Muhammad's sanction of raids of pillage and plunder (starting with 
attacks against his own Quraysh tribe, which initially rejected his 
revelation) to his savage execution of hundreds of men of the Qurayzah 
clan (which professed Judaism) and the enslavement and forced 
concubinage of their women and children. ...."

James George Jatras, apparently an Orthodox extremist, once called 
Michael Dukakis a "pagan" for not following the Orthodox church on 
abortion and attacked him for marrying a non-Christian, although he 
insisted he was not being anti-Semitic. (His open letter is on file at 
Northeastern University.) This former GOP Senate aide is also the author 
of an anti-Muslim screed in Chronicles magazine and The Christian 
Activist that calls Islam a "gigantic Christian-killing machine" and 
says the religion grew from "the darkness of heathen Araby."

Moreover, while Louis and I have disagreed about Kosovo in the past, no 
doubt his perspective was different to that expressed by Jatras and his 
similarly Orthodox-fascist colleague Trifkovic (also  Republican foreign 
policy elite guy):

"Strong American support for the independence of Kosovo is detrimental 
to Israeli interests. The US position is based on the view that a 
solution to long-standing conflict can and should be imposed on the 
parties by outside powers. In addition, the new state's creation seeks 
to award part of a nation’s territory to a violent ethno-religious 
minority; futilely hopes to curry favor with the Islamic world through 
appeasement; effectively gives a fresh impetus to the ongoing growth of 
Islamic influence in Europe; and denies the fact that the putative 
state’s leaders are tainted by terrorism, criminality, and 
well-documented links with global jihad. Most importantly, it betrays a 
cynically postmodern contempt for all claims based on the historical 
rights and spiritual significance of a land to a nation"
- This Perspectives Paper is based on presentations delivered at a 
conference at the **Begin-Sadat Center** for Strategic Studies on “The 
Kosovo Problem" on September 11, 2007 


In other words, not in the slightest bit contradictory that Jatras is 
quoted by counterrevolutionary "leftists" who openly shill in favour of 
today's new and gigantic Nakbah - Bashar Assad is a leader who knows how 
to take care of these Arab and Islamic hordes.

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