[Marxism] Washington Babylon

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 24 07:07:31 MDT 2016

On 9/24/16 3:57 AM, Michael Karadjis wrote:
> In other words, not in the slightest bit contradictory that Jatras is
> quoted by counterrevolutionary "leftists" who openly shill in favour of
> today's new and gigantic Nakbah - Bashar Assad is a leader who knows how
> to take care of these Arab and Islamic hordes.

One thing worth pointing out. Ken Silverstein, who created CounterPunch 
in the early 90s before Cockburn took it over, is not an Assadist. He is 
old friends with the rightwing slug whose article he published but never 
wrote anything like that himself. Who knows why he published it? Maybe 
for clickbait. That probably accounts for Jeff St. Clair's publishing so 
much of that crap. If you are in business, and that's what Washington 
Babylon and Counterpunch are after all, you have to look after the 
bottom line.

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