[Marxism] An 89 year old Latino forced to go back to work

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 24 07:48:57 MDT 2016

Following the Great Recession, which has hit seniors of color especially 
hard, an estimated 90 percent of Latino senior households lack the 
retirement funds needed to sustain them for the remainder of their 
lives. About one in four Latino families nationwide have savings in a 
retirement fund, compared to about two-thirds of white families, and 60 
percent Asian and 40 percent Black families. A 2013 study of New York 
City seniors found that the median income among immigrant seniors was 
just $9,900, about half the median income of the native-born, and about 
a quarter of immigrant seniors lived in poverty, compared to 15 percent 
of the native-born.

While the economy relies heavily on the exploitation of immigrant labor, 
the welfare state systematically excludes immigrants past their prime 
working years. Social Security and Medicare are generally off limits if 
they are undocumented. Even green card holders face a five-year "waiting 
period" to qualify for programs like Medicaid and food stamps -- one of 
many arbitrary strictures based on the stereotype that migrants are 
benefits spongers.


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