[Marxism] Fwd: Michael Ansara’s special pleading for Hillary Clinton | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 24 13:17:41 MDT 2016

It makes perfect sense for Michael Ansara to be urging a vote for 
Hillary Clinton in Vox.com, the website launched by Ezra Klein in 2014. 
Klein is a 32-year old wunderkind who got started at the Washington 
Post, a newspaper to the right of the NY Times. Klein, who Doug Henwood 
once referred to as a “Neoliberal über-dweeb”, supported the invasion of 
Iraq in 2003. Like Hillary Clinton, he came to rue his decision but only 
because it went sour. As the dweeb put it:

"I thought there was no way the Bush administration would neglect to 
plan for the obvious challenges of the aftermath. I turned on the war 
quickly when I saw how poorly and arrogantly it was being managed."

So who is this Ansara guy anyhow? Unlike Klein, he would seem to have 
some credibility as a radical, at least on the basis of how he describes 
himself in the Vox article:

"I am a New England regional organizer for Students for a Democratic 
Society (SDS), the largest New Left student organization spearheading 
the opposition to the war in Vietnam. Living in Cambridge, I swim in a 
river of others just as young and just as committed — committed to 
ending the war in Vietnam; committed to radical change for black 
Americans; committed to creating an American New Left, rooted in 
American realities and traditions. But in this year of 1968, what we 
most want is to end the seemingly endless war in Vietnam, a 
responsibility that rests uncomfortably on our too-young shoulders."

To begin with, you have to unpack the statement “the largest New Left 
student organization spearheading the opposition to the war in Vietnam”. 
By 1968, SDS had largely abandoned opposition to the war except for 
campus-based actions such as opposing military recruiters, etc. It did 
very good work on campus but it stood apart from the mass demonstrations 
being organized by a coalition consisting of the SWP, the CP and 
pacifists that it regarded as ineffective. SDS had organized the first 
antiwar demonstration in Washington in 1965, largely through the 
prodding of the SWP, but had become disappointed by the continuation of 
the war. It combined anti-imperialist rhetoric with adventurist tactics 
that mirrored the frustration of much of the student left. By 1971 SDS 
had fallen apart with the Weatherman faction going underground to carry 
out foolish terrorist attacks on “enemy” buildings as if a pipe bomb 
could halt the war in Vietnam.


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