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"By any means profitable . . . "
                                ----Hillary X

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> Nader: "I will never vote for someone who is going to engage in illegal
> armed force, unconstitutional killing of innocent people, selling
> Washington to Wall Street and driving our country into the ground, all the
> time sugarcoating the American people on TV with rhetoric."
> He has that about right, except that he doesn't mention the two
> candidates' weak or non-existent positions on the most important issues
> facing us, the collapsing environment, and spelling out what "selling
> Washington to Wall Street" really means, in terms of the rapacious use of
> force to be used by mega-oligopolies whose only concern is concentration
> and centralization of capital and its unlimited expansion, truly by any
> means necessary including the complete destruction of civilization and the
> habitable planet. The deranged objective of capital is to subdue all
> opposition on the globe wherever it occurs and to pull everyone into line
> behind them. That is the inexorable recipe for saving capital, with its
> stagnant, flailing economy, increasing global joblessness and
> impoverishment, and its staggering indebtedness in the unimaginable
> trillions of dollars. Hillary Clinton no less than Donald Trump is in
> pursuit of those same objectives. Savage destruction becomes a virtual
> certainty on the present course, which is why at the least we use our
> ineffectual franchise to protest against what's happening to us, and in the
> absence of any effective organization of the rest of us to at least
> register by that sorry vote the extent of resistance, and some indication
> of our own potential power.
> And wtf does anyone think minorities, people of color, the poor and the
> rest of the people on the planet are going to get under the Democrats - or
> the Republicans - other than what they have been getting for years under
> those regimes and worse? What are they getting now? How safe is a Black
> person confined to the so-called informal economy and a life in prison now
> from a shooting death at the hands of police on American streets? How safe
> is an immigrant coming up from Central America, where NAFTA, CAFTA and US
> finance capital have destroyed their life chances in their home countries?
> What kind of hapless dream world do the Hillary advocates who purport to
> be on the left live in? And if they're not on the left, why don't they
> troll elsewhere?
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