[Marxism] Ah, the madness

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Sep 25 18:51:21 MDT 2016

Just watched a segment on "60 Minutes" that was positively Orwellian. It 
was about steps that the USA was taking to refurbish its nuclear strike 
force, especially putting fins on the B-61 bunker buster that can be 
dialed to deliver from .3 to 340 kilotons, just like a volume control on 
your remote. They interviewed a crew of scumbag military officers 
defending Obama's escalation, all with the intention of making it sound 
as if the USA was doing it because of Putin's saber-rattling. I hate 
Putin but the fact is that Russia has signed a no-first strike pledge 
while Obama just refused to do so.

The most horrifically surreal interview was with a guy named David 
Shlapak from the RAND Corporation who had directed a series of war games 
commissioned by the Pentagon in which Russia invaded the Baltic states 
of Estonia and Latvia. This would be an ideal battleground to use B-61's 
if you take Shlapak at his word.

But what I couldn't get my eyes off of was the two earrings he had in 
his left ear and the one he had on his right, looking for all the world 
like an art gallery director. I said to myself that whatever life-style 
changes the 60s induced could hardly seem more irrelevant to its deeper 
goals. Maybe Shlapak had a tattoo on his ass. So did Goering for all I know.


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