[Marxism] Ah, the madness

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Mon Sep 26 05:51:27 MDT 2016

Louis Proyect wrote

    I hate Putin but the fact is that Russia has signed a no-first strike
pledge while Obama just refused to do so.

This is not so. In 1993 Russia revoked its 1982 no-first-use pledge,
and it continues to have a policy of first-use in specified conditions
(like the US)


For more details from a rightwing think tank, see

Steve Shalom

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> Just watched a segment on "60 Minutes" that was positively Orwellian. It
> was about steps that the USA was taking to refurbish its nuclear strike
> force, especially putting fins on the B-61 bunker buster that can be dialed
> to deliver from .3 to 340 kilotons, just like a volume control on your
> remote. They interviewed a crew of scumbag military officers defending
> Obama's escalation, all with the intention of making it sound as if the USA
> was doing it because of Putin's saber-rattling. I hate Putin but the fact
> is that Russia has signed a no-first strike pledge while Obama just refused
> to do so.
> The most horrifically surreal interview was with a guy named David Shlapak
> from the RAND Corporation who had directed a series of war games
> commissioned by the Pentagon in which Russia invaded the Baltic states of
> Estonia and Latvia. This would be an ideal battleground to use B-61's if
> you take Shlapak at his word.
> But what I couldn't get my eyes off of was the two earrings he had in his
> left ear and the one he had on his right, looking for all the world like an
> art gallery director. I said to myself that whatever life-style changes the
> 60s induced could hardly seem more irrelevant to its deeper goals. Maybe
> Shlapak had a tattoo on his ass. So did Goering for all I know.
> http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-risk-of-nuclear-attack-rises/
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