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Alexander John McBurney lawatwork7 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 27 05:01:12 MDT 2016

The labour right are winning the battle in the labour party. The left have not organized seriously for the fight. The leadership of the labour left continues to deny the anti socialist nature of the labour right and attempts to conciliate them. This cant succeed since the Labour right are determined and have the backing of British Capital and its state for the fight to retake the labour party. It is imperative for the british capitalist class that it not only controls the government but also the opposition. Deselection is downplayed or dropped by the left leaders. Nato and Trident are promoted and attempts are made to convince the capitalist class that it has nothing to fear from the labour left. This watering down of left policies will produce demoralization among the working class supporters of Corbyn and aid the right. If this continues Corbyn will be sidelined and removed with in the year and the Corbyn movement will end in failure. The only way forward would be for the new left to organize itself to take on and remove the labour right from power within the labour movement. This would mean democratic debate within the left and the election of a left leadership accountable to the membership of the left (Momentum). But the left leaders dont want to do this because it would further antagonize the labour right, and the capitalist class and its media, and provide the basis for a new class struggle left leadership to emerge that would not be under the control of the left bureaucrats.

Sandy McBurney

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