[Marxism] Reuters: Gulf May Arm Rebels Now that Truce is Dead - U.S. Officials

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Tue Sep 27 10:42:55 MDT 2016

Useful post, thanks.
And I think you're right in your speculation.

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> http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN11W2NN
> Hello everyone. This is my first posting here.
> This is interesting. Does the U.S. now see the scales tipping too far in
> favor of Russia and Assad that it is now willing to permit MANPADS to flow
> to the rebels? This would certainly fit within the pattern of keeping the
> conflict stalemate and prolonged. Supplies will likely be limited though
> and not intended to give the rebels any type of major advantage. Supplies
> would probably enter too late, however, to save Aleppo.
> Regards,
> Ephraim Hussain
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