[Marxism] Litmus tests?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Sep 27 20:38:40 MDT 2016

Communist Party says “Hands Off Syria”

"The Assad government has now proposed sweeping constitutional changes, 
which, if implemented, would be a great step forward for the Syrian 
people. These changes have been dismissed out of hand as cosmetic by the 
corporate press and by the Western governments. Instead, “regime change” 
is now the slogan of the day."



America needs a landslide against Trump

The great majority of the people who voted for Bernie are now planning 
to vote for Hillary Clinton, but not all. Especially among those who 
were in the inner core locally, there is an element that is angry with 
the Democratic Party and either planning to stay home or vote for Jill 

Either choice helps Trump. Either choice is isolated from the labor and 
people’s organizations that are working at full capacity so that the 
progressive planks in the platform can become law and so the demands for 
economic and social justice and peace can be moved forward with 
on-the-ground organizing.


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