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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 29 05:48:18 MDT 2016

By Joseph Daher
The ceasefire in Syria concluded on September 9, 2016 between the US and 
Russia came to an end on September 19 at 7pm and ended by a total 
failure, whether politically, military or in humanitarian term.

For some sections of the “left” and sections of the anti war movement in 
the USA and UK, the failure of the truce is a result of the 
internationalisation of the war in Syria. This is explained by UK Stop 
the War activist Chris Nineham “The central problem is the 
internationalisation of the war. Syria has for years been a theatre in 
which regional and global powers have been pursuing their geopolitical 
interests – prolonging and intensifying the conflict. This process has 
been gathering pace recently and in the run up to the worrying US 
election there are growing calls for further western escalation”. 
Everyone reading the article will notice that not a single word is said 
on the destructive policies of the criminal and authoritarian Assad 
regime, which has been the main source of the nearly half of millions of 
deaths in the country, forced displacements of millions of people within 
and outside of Syria and destructions throughout the country. This is 
not a simple oversight and this is why, as I will show in my text I 
think for this approach, simply calling an end to all interventions, 
while putting them on a same level, to reach peace in Syria as stated in 
Nineham’s text is not enough and is simply wrong.


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