[Marxism] “'Airplanes for Spain!' cried the French workers"

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 10:56:58 MDT 2016

Several examples and a method similar to Trotsky's "Learn How to Think,"
including on different variants of walking and chewing gum simultaneously.

Rudolf Klement, "Principles and tactics in war"

"The military support can naturally take on a decisive scope only where the
proletariat itself has the levers of power and the economy in its hands
(USSR, and to a certain extent, Spain in the summer of 1936). In the
imperialist countries, which are allied with the countries conducting
progressive and revolutionary wars, it boils down to this: that the
proletariat fights with revolutionary means for an effective, direct
military support, controlled by it, of the progressive cause (“Airplanes
for Spain!” cried the French workers). In any case, it must promote and
control, a really guaranteed direct military support (the sending of arms,
ammunition, food, specialists, etc), even at the cost of an “exception”
from the direct class struggle. It will have to be left to the instinct and
revolutionary perspicacity of the proletariat, which is well aware of its
tasks, to make the right distinction in every concrete situation, to avoid
injuring the military interests of the far-off ally of the proletariat out
of narrow national class struggle considerations, no matter how
revolutionary they seem, as well to avoid doing the dirty work for its
“own” imperialism on the pretext of giving indirect aid to its allies. The
only real and decisive aid that the workers can bring the latter is by
seizing and holding the power."

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