[Marxism] Hillary Clinton Struggles to Win Back Young Voters From Third Parties

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu Sep 29 14:48:05 MDT 2016

    Bilge here.

    The problems that are identified in the article with "millennials" are:

    Not "single-issue motivated;" Nader off their radar; Clinton not
    trusted; they don't watch tv, where the two-party messages are;
    "stubborn popularity of the third-party candidates;" not swayed by
    "lesser evil," don't understand the consequences of a protest vote.

    The interviewee quoted as characterizing the major candidates as
    "pawns and puppets" and the remark that "history isn’t repeating
    itself right now" suggest the real problem, the pay-the-piper nature
    of the game which they heard Sanders (in part) thunder about, but on
    that subject there's not the slightest  elaboration. So something so
    significant as to make the effort useless is entirely missing, and
    the class reads without enlightenment, though not without discomfort.

    When it comes to the international business press, is this a
    difference? Unlike editors at The Economist or Financial Times, who
    appear to trust their business class readers' world-weary
    experience, the NYT editors evidently don't include quotes that
    their thin-skinned business readers may not be prepared for - i.e.,
    not "fit to print."

    NY Times, September 29 2016
    Hillary Clinton Struggles to Win Back Young Voters From Third Parties

    With just six weeks to go until Election Day, younger voters are
    shunning the two major political parties on a scale not seen since
    Ross Perot’s third-party bid for the presidency in 1992, a striking
    swing in public opinion that is slicing into Hillary Clinton’s thin
    margin for error.

    Though young people are notoriously fickle about showing up at the
    polls, they are a growing and potentially pivotal bloc of voters.
    Millennials now outnumber baby boomers as the country’s largest
    generation. And while they may be more predisposed than other groups
    to vote Democratic, they are not moving toward the party and its
    nominee as quickly and predictably as they have in past elections.

    The Clinton campaign held several events on Wednesday aimed at
    millennials, underscoring the urgency with which she and her team
    are working to lock down the group: about 75 million Americans. Mrs.
    Clinton traveled to New Hampshire with her former primary rival,
    Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, for a rally with college students.

    Several factors are complicating the immense task of registering and
    turning out millennials, the 18- to 34-year-olds who are already
    hard to reach because their media consumption habits do not lend
    themselves to traditional television-focused campaigns. 

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