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This sort of madness is epidemic in higher education.  If i were to compile
all the institutional silliness passed off in recent years, it would fill a
book.  It reflects the notion that what happens in universities is going to
change society.  And that college students are indistinguishable from
children . . . and faculty or other employees are essentially animals to be


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> (Kipnis is a FB friend.)
> In 2015, students at Northwestern University responded to an article in
> the Chronicle of Higher Education with a protest march. Some carried
> mattresses. The author of the article, Laura Kipnis, a tenured faculty
> member at Northwestern, had gleefully denounced the state of campus sexual
> politics. Kipnis’s immediate target was a university policy, introduced the
> year before, that prohibited all romantic or sexual relationships between
> students and university staff or faculty members. In the piece, titled
> “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe,” she critiqued a “new paradigm” of
> trigger warnings and trauma, in which students had become “committed to
> their own vulnerability, conditioned to imagine they have no agency, and
> protected from unequal power arrangements in romantic life.” Kipnis, who
> has written books including “Against Love” and “Men: Notes from an Ongoing
> Investigation,” often voices controversial or contrarian views; here, as
> always, she took pleasure in stirring up a hornets’ nest. In a telling
> anecdote, she related that, a decade earlier, she had voluntarily attended
> a harassment workshop on campus (“Hoping my good citizenship might be
> noticed,” she wrote). The first guideline issued by the workshop leader was
> “Do not make unwanted sexual advances.” Kipnis couldn’t help herself. From
> the back of the room she called, “But how do you know they’re unwanted
> until you try?”
> full: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/persons-of-interest/laura-
> kipniss-battle-against-vulnerability
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