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Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 18:08:55 MDT 2017

I read this with considerable care.  It is part of a discourse that I
actively dislike.  It begins with an incorrect assumption about Trump's
power. The argument is that he has a hold over the "people" and we should
all shit our pants accordingly.

We need instead to take seriously Levenson's own criticisms of the role of
the Democrats and the trade union bureaucracy in their absolute complicity
with neoliberalism. I fully endorse these btw.

My take on Trump's "victory", as I have said before, is that this was an
election that it was almost impossible for the non-Democrat candidate to
lose and Trump came close to losing it. Levenson should begin his analysis
not with Trump's victory but rather with the fact that his power base is so
small and moreover it is unstable.

For the present Trump would appear to have captured the moment of
opposition  Clinton made that easy by campaigning for the status quo. But
Trump is now the POTUS and so inevitably he becomes the target of the
impulse to oppose.

At some stage the buffoonery will have to stop.  He knows how to continue
campaigning, but he will also have to start governing.  And so far he has
made an absolute hash of that. He has been defeated on Obamacare and Border
control. And that is because he does not command a sufficiently broad

Nor does he have a solution to the ravages that neoliberalism has inflicted
on the American working class. Some Keynesians think he does, but I do not
believe that.  If I am correct the House that Trump built will come
crashing down around him.  Then even Levenson will realize that the Emperor
has no clothes.



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