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Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 5 13:17:57 MDT 2017

On 2017-04-05 20:25, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
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I also awoke to find in my inbox the latest Information Clearing House 
article (originally published by Al-Masdar News) explaining away the 
chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. After the last high profile chemical 
attack in 2013 it took the Assad supporters a few days to come up with 
various stories blaming the rebel side for their own deaths. This time 
they could skip the learning curve and started writing the same script 
as soon as they heard of the event. If you can stomach it, you might 
read that filthy article just so you're prepared for what will be thrown 
at us during the days to come.

I'm sure that Assad expected and planned for the UN SC "emergency" 
meeting in response. In an actual emergency response you do something to 
address the emergency. But it's a foregone conclusion that nothing will 
result since Russia's veto is assured. So just as was probably the case 
in 2013, this move was a test by the regime to verify that there would 
be no real consequences for using what is generally considered a 
prohibited weapon. Now that most of Syria's organized revolutionaries 
have been corralled into Idlib, their plan is to essentially exterminate 
them. After succeeding in Aleppo and now using this deadly weapon also 
with no effective international response, the road is open for them to 
so precede.

Of course I hope I turn out to be completely wrong. One twist would be 
if Trump sees this as an opportunity to prove his credentials as a 
militarist and hatches some unilateral action (he wouldn't want credit 
to be taken by other countries!). Of course the eventual outcome of that 
wouldn't be good even if it were seen by some as some immediate relief 
(but most rebels already wrote off the US and know that Trump is 
generally friendly to Assad and explicitly in favor of keeping his 
regime in power).

- Jeff

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