[Marxism] Sanders: 'Make Democrats a party of the working class, not liberal elite'

Fred Murphy fred.r.murphy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:33:54 MDT 2017

Thought experiment: Let's say Sanders and Warren succeed beyond their
wildest dreams and either rout the neoliberal wing of the DP altogether or
break with the DP and successfully organize a new formation - in either
case, would it then be a working-class party? What else would have to
happen to make it so? While I see a lot of broadly reformist,
quasi-social-democratic ("progressive") programmatic points on the Our
Revolution website, I see nothing to indicate any aspiration to be a
working-class or social-democratic party.  And Google searches on "trade
unions" and "labor movement" on that site come up effectively empty.


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> The idea of making the Democratic Party a vehicle suitable for change
> favorable to the workers goes back to the very origins of the party .
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