[Marxism] Zygmunt Bauman Obituary

Brian McKenna mckennab at umich.edu
Wed Apr 5 15:29:04 MDT 2017

"His best-known book, Modernity and the Holocaust
<http://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/?GCOI=80140100404950> (1989),
provided a stark warning of the genocidal potential latent within every
modern bureaucratic society to privilege process, order and efficiency over
morals, responsibility and care for the other. It was shaped by the memoir
Winter in the Morning (1986) by his wife, Janina (nee Lewinson), later
revised as Beyond These Walls: Escaping the Warsaw Ghetto – A Young Girl’s
Story (2006), and his own experience of 20th-century horrors."


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