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Wed Apr 5 20:46:04 MDT 2017

Whoops the Subject line should have read Communist Manifesto Project 
YouTube Channel.

It's an addition to my website


I have centred the website around the Communist Manifesto because I 
thought it was a good way of helping to bring out the fact  that current 
Marxists have nothing in common with Marx and Engels.

The website includes a little booklet called "Rescuing the Message of 
The Communist Manifesto: the revolutionary role of capitalism."


This is the preamble

In/The Communist Manifesto/of 1848, Marx and Engels place heavy stress 
on the revolutionary role of capitalism. It drags humanity out of 
economic and social backwardness, and changes us from peasants into 
proletarians. By doing this, capitalism removes the only insurmountable 
obstacle to a classless communist society. Such a society ceases to be 
pie in the sky, and instead becomes something made possible by 
historically created conditions. The  more that capitalism displaces the 
old conditions the better the basis for a revolutionary transition.

Present-day anti-capitalists do not share this view,  even those who 
claim to be Marxists. They believe capitalism is destroying a past that 
should be preserved and is leading us down a path from which we must 
retreat. Marx and Engels in their day had to contend with similar 
people, and indeed part of chapter 3 of/The Communist Manifesto/is 
devoted to them. As with popes and princes, their anti-capitalism is 
reactionary rather than revolutionary.

At the same time, this message of/The Communist Manifesto /is ignored by 
those for whom capitalism is the best of all possible worlds. It gets in 
the way of their "communism has failed" mantra which they base on 
abortive 20th century revolutions in backward and essentially 
pre-capitalist regions. This experience in fact only confirms the 
proposition that communism can only successfully emerge from advanced 
capitalism. Marx and Engels would not have been surprised by the outcome.

Even while capitalism’s eventual grave digger, the proletariat, 
continues its fitful slumber, the world still moves forward. Capitalism 
proceeds on its development path, knocking down obstacles to a more 
advanced classless society. By mid-century if the uneven and erratic 
development trajectory of recent decades in poorer countries is 
maintained we will see considerable progress towards a world where 
industrial modernity is the norm, a world in which capitalism has run 
its course and has no future.

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