[Marxism] Sanders: 'Make Democrats a party of the working class, not liberal elite'

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 22:10:23 MDT 2017

If you see us getting "a bourgeois imperialist labor party" out of the
Democratic party somehow, you're welcome to it.  I can't even pretend to
know what it is without guessing, but I don't see us with another century
to conjure the Bernsteins and Kautskys.

And--stinking cynicial aside--working class politics haven't made a
revolution here, but--when history permits it enough purchase--it has
changed things.  So it's not at all like electing Democrats. Or we could
talk about the physics of all this.  The massive gravity of Jupiter draws
in comets and we've never really seen it spit them out.

But here I am wasting time trying to talk sense.  Of what use are such
things to socialism in the age of Trump?  Sure, maybe comets levitate right
out of Jupiter when we're not looking.  Maybe all that chanting to levitate
the Pentagon worked but the Pentagon only decided to levitate in the middle
of the night when nobody was around.

So, based on the idea that anything might happen,let's rationalizing doing
the one thing that we know has never ever worked.


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