[Marxism] Sanders: 'Make Democrats a party of the working class, not liberal elite'

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Apr 9 15:43:41 MDT 2017

As someone campaigning for single payer locally before the Board of 
Supervisors and the Health Care District, this suggested much to me 
about Senator Bernie Outreach the reform Democrat and his ties to the 
Senator from Wall Street:


'The senator from Vermont also tweeted 
<https://twitter.com/SenSanders/status/845671102345039872> on Saturday, 
"Right now we need to improve the Affordable Care Act and that means a 
public option."

But corporate crime watchdog and single-payer advocate Russell Mokhiber 
warned against embracing the public option 
as a stand-in or even a stepping stone for Medicare for All.

In a piece published Sunday, Mokhiber quoted pediatrician and PNHP 
member Margaret Flowers, who co-directs the group Health Over Profit for 
Everyone. She said:

    Introducing a public option will divide and confuse supporters of
    Medicare-for-All. Senators who should co-sponsor Medicare-for-All
    will be divided. Sanders seems to be urging a public option to
    please the Democratic Party, but Sanders cannot serve two
    masters—Wall Street's Chuck Schumer and the people. Sanders must
    decide whom he is working for.

    While it might seem politically pragmatic to support a public
    option, it is not realistically pragmatic because a public option
    will not work. Senator Sanders knows that and he knows that the
    smallest step toward solving the healthcare crisis is National
    Improved Medicare for All. This would fundamentally change our
    health system that currently treats health as a commodity so that
    people only have access to what they can afford to a system that
    treats health as a public necessity so that people have access to
    what they need. Medicare-for-All achieves the savings needed to
    provide comprehensive coverage to everyone.

"We look to Senator Sanders to act on what he promised during his 
presidential campaign, a national improved Medicare-for-All now, not 
tomorrow," Flowers said. "Tomorrow never comes. It is not up to him to 
decide if single-payer can pass in Congress. That task is for the people 
to decide."'

The people have already decided, polling 70% in favor of Single Payer. 
What we need and are not getting are Senators and Representatives who 
are respectful of that decision. We insure against accidents and 
disasters elsewhere, everywhere, of people, property and nature, often 
affordably, but this fundamental imperative to protect human health 
affordably is barred by a powerful medical complex, who conceal from us 
the glaring fact that we are the only major country on earth not to 
guarantee healthcare to all people as a right.

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