[Marxism] Socialist Action slides even further into tankiedom

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 06:36:58 MDT 2017

Thing is, most tankies don't even follow through, based on their own 
premises. So, what does "the defeat of US imperialism" in Syria mean? Is 
US imperialism occupying Syria? No, but it has been carrying out a 
bombing campaign for 2.5 years in Syria, aimed mostly at ISIS, partly at 
Nusra/JFS, and sometimes at other non-jihadist rebels, overwhelmingly in 
support of the YPG/SDF.

Therefore, based on Socialist Action's premises, the prerequisite for 
the Syrian masses to organise their own "class struggle forces" etc is 
the defeat of the YPG/SDF by ISIS, which has been the main force in 
conflict with US imperialism in Syria; and since Nusra/JFS has been the 
overwhelming US target among the non-ISIS forces, it probably ought to 
smash all the other rebels who have either not been hit by US strikes, 
or have even received a few drips and drops of conditional US aid.

Does SA say this? Do they advocate ISIS thrashing the heavily US-backed 
SDF? How else to "defeat US imperialism"? Yet, like most tankies and ... 
"anti-imperialists," they don't. Only the Spartacists are consistent 
tankies in that respect.

What is the use of berating others for supposedly "not understanding" 
how centrally important is the defeat of US imperialism which supposedly 
orchestrates everything, when almost none of them believe in it 

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From: David McDonald via Marxism

"The defeat of imperialist intervention is the prerequisite for the 
masses to organize their own independent class-struggle forces aimed at
fully meeting the needs and aspirations of Syria’s workers and farmers 
they strive in the future to build a socialist society."

And the key word is "prerequisite". BEFORE the Syrians bother to try to
meet their own needs as aspirations, they must rid their country of US
imperialism. Russian imperialism, now, that's OK. Russia and Iran, which
are vastly more responsible for the continued survival of the Assad 
than the US, are not even mentioned in the statement.

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