[Marxism] not so fast, Lars!

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 12 16:04:42 MDT 2017


While trying to understand why you owe Vivek a punch, I found the
Which has the following ...

"The working class is unlike any other social grouping in the
non-capitalist section of modern society. However penurious it is,
however dominated it is, however atomized it is, it is the goose that
lays the golden egg. It is the source of profits, because unless
workers show up to do their work every day and create profits for their
employers, that principle of profit maximization cannot be carried out.
It remains a dead letter."

Singular source? Labor is not exactly irreplacable, anyway we are all
just parasites on the planet. This is an example of how those who
merely follow Marx are like those who hold that Newton is all we need
in physics.

"We have to start thinking of the nucleus, the core, and the foundation
of modern society, and building and establishing power within those
foundations." The core we haven't started thinking about is that those
few fleas who are running the blood pumps are not the singular source
of value.   

I still don't know about the punch you own him, but those I have
received were not from thinkers like you. I suppose you owe him a punch
for some non-animal reason?


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