[Marxism] Business as usual - The taming of the shrew (?)

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 16:09:33 MDT 2017

The Guardian head lines
US-Russia relations at a low, says Tillerson after meeting with Putin 'I
like Steve, but ...': Trump gives tepid approval of Bannon amid staff

So it looks like Trump is moving from Franco Lite to Obama Heavy.  The Lord
of the Drones has retired but now we have the Lord of the Drones, plus
Cruise Missiles, and blood thirsty tweets and Christ knows what else.

What sickens me is the audible sigh of relief of the liberal intelligentsia
as they relax back into the familiar contemplation of the spectacle of life
being made hell for millions of Muslims.

Things could go wrong though. Very wrong.  The Chinese Oligarchy may be
willing to stomp on North Korea to appease Trump, but they will pay a price
for that. the Australian Prime Minister has weighed in with a "China must
do more"  attack.  When one of the world's great cowards feels emboldened
to attack China you may well suspect the fix is on.



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