[Marxism] PYD: US bombing of airbase good, but it should bomb rebels too

Nick Fredman nick.j.fredman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 06:37:46 MDT 2017

It's not very clear how accurately these quotes that Rudaw.net presents
from Salih Muslim from an apparent interview with Voice of America - no
such interview seems to be on the VOA website - represents his views. It is
from a news source based in an authoritarian statelet run by billionaire
gangsters intensely hostile to Rojava. It's even less clear from the two
almost identical summaries of the Rudaw article on other sites that Michael
seems to think supports the veracity of the report. All they show is how
anyone can select quotes and take out qualifications, which is what they

It doesn't seem likely likely that Rudaw just made this up or that it's as
egregious a distortion as their previous total stitch-up of Muslim as
supporting ethnic cleansing, which Chris referred to, as Muslim has made
comments before seemingly supportive of US intervention. But it's also not
clear to what extent these are genuine illusions in US imperialism on his
part, and what extent they are diplomatic noises, a bit like Fidel saying
to US audiences he was for "Jeffersonian democracy" in the 50s.

Anyway I think the following from an article published today might be more
representative of the views of PYD cadres:

> "Berxwedan ashes his cigarette and recalls the final days of the battle
that saw the so-called Islamic State expelled from this Kurdish city of
resistance. He is visibly upset by my question about the so-called
‘international community’ (i.e United States) wanting to claim the glory in
this struggle, saying ‘The international powers ignored what was taking
place here until only a tiny section of the city was still left in our
control. Then they intervened at last – not for us in the YPG and YPJ, but
for both their geostrategic interests and because they themselves perhaps
finally saw the danger to Daesh could pose even to them. But we know they
didn’t give us air support because they actually support our struggle. They
certainly don’t support us politically. That hasn’t changed more than two
years later.’

"Newroz chimes in, talking about how the western powers ignoring the battle
of Kobane provoked ‘a lot of anger’. She also insists, ‘how dare they try
to take the credit for the liberation of Kobane when they have contributed
nothing to the rebuilding of the city?’"


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