[Marxism] The Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria - Theodore Postol

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Postol is a joke. In the aftermath of the August 2013 Ghouta sarin gas 
attack, he began working with Maram Susli, "The Syrian Girl".


As the wrangling continued, Lloyd and Postol grew to rely on their new 
colleague, Susli. She was adamant in her assertions that the attack was 
carried out by the rebels in a “false flag” attack, designed to prompt 
American intervention. And she was no fan of Kaszeta and Higgins.
Susli, the one-time chemistry grad student, started helping Lloyd and 
Postol with research into hexamine. Armed with that research, Postol 
began emailing Kaszeta with questions about his hexamine analysis. 
Postol presented his outreach as simple academic curiosity about 
Kaszeta’s research. There was no mention of Susli’s involvement.
The email exchanges started out as cordial, if cold, but gradually grew 
more confrontational. Postol argued that the presence of hexamine at the 
attack site could be explained by the presence of the chemical in 
explosives of the warhead used to deliver the chemical weapons.
After a few volleys, Postol cc’ed “syriansister at gmail.com” on a reply to 
Kaszeta. Things went quickly downhill from there.

After Susli boasted of her knowledge of nerve agents, Kaszeta warned 
Susli’s school, University of Western Australia, that she might be 
engaging in potentially dangerous research involving chemical warfare 

Susli, in turn, threatened to sue. “. at DanKaszeta you have used racism 
and lies against me,” she later tweeted. “But I’m going to use chemistry 
to bury your career.”

And Postol rose to his new compatriot’s defense. “By all professional 
standards, and by all standards of courtesy, SyrianSister has 
distinguished herself as a consummate professional,” Postol wrote to 
Kaszeta. “You, on the other hand, have made an unbroken string of 
technically false claims.”

Then, Postol wrote to the FBI about Kaszeta, warning of the “potential 
criminal implications” of his accusations against Susli. “In addition to 
making a false claim of a terrorist activity… Mr. Kaszeta has also 
targeted Ms. Susli because she is a descendent of Syria,” Postol 
continued. “This raises further questions about whether the false report 
of terrorism also qualifies as a hate crime.”

So far, there’s no public evidence of FBI follow-up. But the letter was 
nonetheless a notable development. The esteemed MIT professor, whose 
previous, deeply reported analyses had caused governments to rethink 
their multibillion-dollar missile defense systems, was now defending a 
grad student who took it as fact that, as she put it, “the U.S. 
government has been experimenting on Ebola as a biological weapon.”

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