[Marxism] Chomsky on Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 15 06:13:59 MDT 2017

I think I misread the report on Chomsky's remarks at U. Mass Amherst 
that was based on Ron Baiman's post to PEN-L. In the q&a at his talk at 
U. Mass Amherst, it was more likely that a member of the audience rather 
than Chomsky who recommended the 4 Assadist pieces of garbage:

"I attended a talk by Noam Chomsky at UMass Amherst last night. Though 
it wasn't on Syria, in the Q&A period someone asked his take on Syria, 
and he mentioned four names, which I then googled. All seem to be 
exceptionally good sources".

I say that because it is unlikely that Chomsky would have named the 4 
men who are in the advance guard of the "jihadis gassed their own 
supporters in a false flag incident" brigade , especially since I doubt 
he pays close attention to Consortium News, Information Clearing House, 
et al, where this diarrhea appears.

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