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Sun Apr 16 14:23:01 MDT 2017

In response to Chris Slee:

I'm obviously not qualified to answer the technical side of what Postol
wrote, but there is a political side that is even more devastating to his
entire approach. The original claim, coming from Putin & Co., was that the
bomb hit a warehouse where the ingredients to sarin were stored and upon
release these combined to form sarin. By what he writes, Postol is in
effect rejecting this "explanation", but he never deals with it. To me,
this in itself brands what he writes as being entirely unserious and

I also think that we may have allowed ourselves to get too hung up on the
sarin attack in and of itself, allowing the Putin/Assad apologists to
ignore the follow-up bombing of the hospital. I think the two have to be
connected, because the ARE connected. And the second attack thoroughly
refutes the claim that "Assad couldn't have done the sarin attack because
he had nothing to gain from it." But nobody is denying the hospital
bombing; the Assad/Putin apologists are just hoping that everybody simply
forgets about it.

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