[Marxism] The Korean crisis

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 00:54:29 MDT 2017

Here in Oz there is growing interest in the situation in Korea. Channel 9
though did give us the following

The new consensus is "that this problem is coming to a head. And so it's
time for us to undertake all actions we can, short of a military option, to
try to resolve this peacefully," Mr McMaster said.

It is dangerous to over interpret this remark.  But certainly there appears
to be wriggle room.  The Great Tweeter does not appear to have noticed that
but hopefully, he will be kept in a corner tweeting away and nothing more.

Why the crisis?  North Korea cannot possibly have the capacity to inflict a
nuclear strike on the States, otherwise the whole tone would be different.
This is surely an attempt to preempt the capacity to strike.

Pressure now will be very intense on the Chinese oligarchs to act like the
good business men they are and to fall in with America's wishes. But it is
all very fraught here, and the talk of hitting Australia with rockets is
making it even more so.

I was very interested to hear the Australian TV station talk about two of
the most volatile leaders in the world.  Trump was on a par with Kim.

A bit unfair that to Kim, I thought myself.



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