[Marxism] Samah Selim: Translator’s Introduction to Arwa Salih’s The Stillborn | Mona Baker

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Mon Apr 17 05:23:11 MDT 2017


"​Arwa Salih was an Egyptian communist who came of political age in the
early 1970s; in the aftermath of the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, the end of
the Nasser era, and the beginning of Anwar Al-Sadat’s transitional regime.
She belonged to the transformative political moment instigated by the
radical student movement of that decade and the political generation known
as ‘the generation of the seventies’. She was a member of the central
committee of the Marxist-Leninist Egyptian Communist Workers Party, the
major Marxist group of the decade, and quickly acquired a reputation
amongst her mentors and comrades as a gifted and fiery young cadre. Though
she was known amongst her peers as a talented writer, her extant published
work is scant for reasons that partly have to do with the nature of the
underground political work of the times (she wrote mainly for the ECWP’s
paper) and the fact that she was a woman in a world of men. Apart from the
present short book, she published an Arabic translation of Tony Cliff’s 1984
 *Class Struggle and Women’s Liberation*. The only other published material
available to readers is a short and hastily edited selection of her papers
made in 1998, one year after her death. The volume includes an excerpt from
her memoirs, a long poem, and a study of the novelist Son’allah Ibrahim’s

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