[Marxism] Shamus Cooke says stop whining about Assad on Counterpunch

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 17 13:04:47 MDT 2017

On 4/17/17 2:59 PM, David McDonald via Marxism wrote:
> https://davidbyrnemcdonaldiii.com/?p=638

This was my comment about this on FB:

An incredible article from Shamus Cooke arguing that "most" of the left 
was focused on how evil Assad was. What left was he talking about? The 
people like him, Mike Whitney, John Wight et al that write for 
Counterpunch? Salon's Patrick L. Smith? The ubiquitous Vijay Prashad? 
Tariq Ali? The official British antiwar movement? ANSWER? The London 
Review of Books? Stephen F. Cohen or James Carden writing for The 
Nation? Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal in Alternet?

I think he probably means the ISO and New Politics, plus some cranks 
like me. I suppose if people like Cooke had any power, they'd have 
jailed me years ago.

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